Don Mills, Ontario

Please help save the Don Mills Collegiate. It has been proposed by the TDSB to sell the field at Don Mills & Lawrence where kids & students play outside everyday, play sports, get fresh air, build snowmen. This field has been part of Don Mills history and legacy for more than 50 years. The kids and the school depend on it. TDSB proposes to build high rise condominiums on the east part of the field, destroying the neighbourhood and destroying the students' legacy. The city also proposes to build condominiums at Greenland Road and the Donway, which will take more space away from the Greenland Public School, it's students as well as damaging the community. There is already a church in that space, used by many community members. PLEASE visit to vote against the construction of these condominiums that would ruin the face, legacy, history and sanctitiy of Don Mill

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