Green Raven Photography will donate 1% of it's sales to The Nature Conservancy of Canada, and to charities that protect the environment, every year.

2009-10-26 00:00:00

After 3 years of anticipation, Green Raven Photography has received a major update. Now, visitors can view images from any location I've travelled to. From Vancouver Island, and Northern Ontario, to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. You can see eagles, orcas, pilot whales, bears, tidepools, salmon, blueberries, loons, lakes, moose, and mountains. You will also find moths, foxes, maples, rivers, and much, much more

2009-10-20 00:00:00

The show at the Campbell House was excellent. More than 110 guests came to the opening night, 14 prints were sold from the show and I was able to give $500 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. I heard a lot of great feedback about the show, thank you to everyone who made it to, and appreciated visiting the Images from Atlantic Canada show. I was very glad to have a show at Queen and University, at such a stellar location.

I have not yet planed my next show, but I have a fantastic portfolio of images from northern Ontario. From Kapuskasing, past Nipigon, and Sioux Lookout, beyond the frontier of Pickle Lake in the Arctic Watershed to Windigo Lake. I enjoyed traveling the route of the voyageurs, along the big northern rivers to the watershed in the spruce forest. I traveled south to Marathon, Wawa, and Sault Saint Marie where the Canadian shield joins Lake Superior. I visited Lake Superior Park and Pukaskwa. I have yet to develop a show, but I've got really good ideas, perhaps even larger images.

I would also really like to thank Alex Lyn, for programming and developing this website so that I could bring my portfolio to you the viewers, and patrons. The layout of may undergo construction in January, but the body of work will remain the same.

2008-12-01 00:00:00