You can now find, buy and enjoy my book, Ontario Wildlife Photography, here

Noah Cole of Green Raven Photography travels across Canada and across borders to show images of nature and wilderness and human impact on the environment as seen through the lens.

You can find, Ontario Wildlife Photography, my new book at, Chapters-Indigo, Amazon, and from your local bookstore!

This stunning collection of wildlife photography features moose, turtles, dragonflies, shorebirds, hawks, and songbirds from the marshlands of Point Pelee to the wilderness north of Lake Superior.

Explore parks and trails where colourful birds and turtles live. Behold wetlands where moose browse. Delight in vibrant butterflies and bumblebees that pollinate wildflowers. Discover all this and so much more as you travel across the province through the pages of Ontario Wildlife Photography. From the Ottawa Valley and the Frontenac Arch in the east to the shores of Lake Huron in the west, and from areas north of Lake Superior to Canada’s southernmost destination on Lake Erie, Ontario Wildlife Photography immerses you in outstanding photography from an appealing array of locations.

Learn why trout depend on healthy forests, the secrets of colourful salamanders, where to find shorebirds and herons, and so much more. This timeless book of acclaimed wildlife photographs inspires discovery and conservation and also makes a beautiful and meaningful gift.

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From: Rob Porter, SongBirding podcast (Episode 9. Pine Tree Point North, Part 1)

“This episode is sponsored by Ontario Wildlife Photography by Noah Cole, a beautiful photo book featuring songbirds such as the Blackburnian Warbler, Bobolink, and my favourite — the Scarlet Tanager — as well as non-avian species such as moose, turtles, dragonflies — all from an array of habitats across Ontario.

Ontario Wildlife Photography is a tribute to the natural world around us.

Ontario Wildlife Photography is available from Dundurn Press and online from Indigo-Chapters, Amazon, and on

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Some praise for Ontario Wildlife Photography:

I have been a fan of Noah’s work for many years now. The photos of nature that he is able to capture are always breathtaking, but the captions are a personal favourite touch. They are honest (very much a reflection of their author) and they make the images seem even more vivid to the viewer through the added context that they provide.

Noah, the book is spectacular. I plan to enjoy it in more depth this evening and in the years to come. Congratulations and thank you so much.

Your book is a beautiful tribute to nature and the wildlife around us, Noah. It’s been sitting on my desk since it arrived and I am surprised how many times I open it up and look at a page or two. Makes me feel very Canadian, I must say. You have done a wonderful job.

Noah’s images are a beautiful reflection of Ontario’s biodiversity. Each scene is perfectly captured, and the story behind each photograph makes you wish you had been part of that moment.