Summer in the Arctic

Who turned the heat up? Come see Summer in the Arctic.

Nov 27-Dec 27 2014 Gladstone Hotel, 2nd Floor Gallery, Toronto

Canadian landscapes and ecosystems are under pressures of climate change and human impact. Pristine natural areas are increasingly uncommon. Journey, led by a glimpse, to the remote historically significant community of Bathurst Inlet and experience its remarkable natural legacy through Summer in the Arctic. A portion of the proceeds of this show will go to benefit the Kingaunmiut community of Bathurst Inlet, as well as towards WWF-Canada’s Arctic programs and to Ontario Nature for their excursion with Quest Tours to visit Bathurst Inlet in 2015, with contributions from the excursion to benefit the Nature Guardians Youth Program.

Join us for the Opening Reception Thursday, November 27th | 7-9PM, 7:30 PM Opening Remarks by Dr. Pete Ewins, WWF-Canada

November 27 - December 27, 2014


Venue:Gladstone Hotel, 2nd Floor Gallery

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