A new re-design and development of is underway. ETA March-April. Have you checked out GreenRavenPhotography.comís map and galleries yet? Donít forget that you can order prints online, through e-mail via cheque. will soon feature an easy to operate shopping cart, as well as improved search functions, design and operability. Shipping is free! Please visit the galleries, travel and familiarize with these photos of over 465 locations that illustrate the importance of protecting nature and enjoy the great outdoors!
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Future Updates!

The shopping cart isn't working yet, but the search function, categorized index, and map are! Thanks for letting me know you like the site and passing along a few good compliments. Keep checking in for great summer travel ideas; check out great places to go camping, hiking, or canoeing in Ontario - check out somewhere worthwhile; along beaches, lakes, wetlands, beautiful views, or places to see moose, loons, dragonflies, or shorebirds. Stay tuned - we're looking for a new programmer. I hope you're enjoying interesting and beautiful places out there.
2012-05-27 15:19:27

Free 8.5x11 Prints!!!

This year, I am offering 2 FREE 8.5x11 prints per patron. You yourself, your friends, and their friends are entitled to 2 free 8.5x11 prints each. Everybody is entitled to 2 free 8.5x11 prints each. After I send you two free prints, I would be glad to send you any further 8.5x11 prints for $10 each, or $270 for a large, signed, limited edition 13x19 print. Just email me with the specific photos you request, and I'll be glad to print and send them. If you would like to purchase an image, or two, or three, or start a collection of images you would join a community of patrons who have visited my shows, and who still visit my website, and enjoy reflecting on my photos to this day. Green Raven Photography donates more than 10% of the proceeds from collective sales to environmental organisations such as Ontario Nature, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, and WWF, as well as supporting other organisations such as Because I Am a Girl, Doctors Without Borders, as well as the tsunami, and Fukoshima relief funds.

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