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Photography Exhibition in Toronto

As Far North In Ontario As The Road Travels  Noah Cole

September 10 - October 10, 2010

Nearby St.Clair/Christie, OUT/AUT Gallery 823c St. Clair, Toronto, ON

Inspired by stories of northern travels; bears, beautiful lakes, remote hiking trails, historic canoe routes, logging roads, and the potential promise of seeing caribou, I headed on a journey along Highway 11, past Kapuskasing, and Thunder Bay, as far north as the road travels in Ontario. I drove to a remote community, and drove 300 kilometers north of it, where there are no cell phone towers, or gas stations – at the end of the road there is only wilderness, and the result of the impact people have made on the lands. I had the chance to see big rivers, blue sky, expansive lakes, pickerel, remote villages, mountains, ancient forests, and the stars in the northern sky. Along my journeys I enjoyed blueberries, fresh fish, and along the many miles of open road and wilderness, I enjoyed my own company, as well as the company of loons, a fox, and the campfire. On my journey, I hiked along many ancient trails, and I stood on the shores of lakes where voyageurs, and ancient first nations people stood, enjoying the landscape that brings peace of mind in an otherwise busy world.The show will feature 4.5x3ft images as well as 18x12 images from as far north, in Ontario, as the road travels.

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